We’re extremely lucky to have a Managing Director at Keyline Civils Specialist that’s so focused on customer service, and not only meeting customer expectations - exceeding them. But what does this mean in the world of construction and for our civils customers?  
Here Dean Pinner shares how we’re already ‘putting the customer first’ and the changes he is driving forward that mean we will continue to lead the way in terms of ‘what great customer service is within our industry’– especially as we emerge out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“I’m proud that my introduction, five months ago as the new Managing Director of Keyline, was as ‘someone very focused on customer service” says Dean “but of course that’s a big reputation to uphold. And what does it actually mean given that customer service can mean different things in different industries?

“For Keyline, delivering customer satisfaction is a sum of all parts – it’s a jigsaw fitting together and spanning all areas of the business to complete the overall experience. 

“It means mixing team capabilities with technology, building trust by delivering on our promises and basing decisions on real (and current) insights and customers' needs, not hunches.

“It’s also about safety, which has always been one of our top priorities, but has been intensified even more so over the past 12 months with the need to be COVID secure. Servicing our customers in a really safe way, and the wellbeing of our customers, colleagues and supply partners when coming into our branches has been vital; and to a certain extent customer satisfaction has been led by COVID-19 during this period. 


“Of course, events of the past 12 months have not taken away our focus on other ways we continue to enhance our customer experience, and, despite challenging conditions, we launched our new and improved delivery service, which has been a huge step up for us – and success. 
“In developing our delivery capabilities we took feedback from our customers, taking a deep dive into what they wanted. We also looked outside of the industry, to businesses like Amazon, who we feel set the bar extremely high in terms of great delivery, to bring delivery best practice across the board to our sector.
“We introduced a two-hour delivery slot on the day of delivery; equipped our drivers with new devices that help them to make deliveries more efficiently; and we’ve reduced admin – which means we can focus on other areas of our relationships with customers.
“Part of the new delivery process has been introducing cutting edge technology and this has given us a robust delivery operation. But the new service is about much more than just improved technology – it’s a way of building trust and helping us work together more effectively. Crucially, it’s a tool for enabling better customer communication and that is the absolute foundation of good service.
“And the feedback so far has been great, from our customers – and our colleagues.

“Collaboration is another key area of great service – this has been highlighted with us achieving Defining Blue status in Costain’s supply chain performance benchmarking scheme. ‘Blue’ indicates exemplar performance across a number of project delivery factors, including people, time, quality, safety, health and environment – all areas that go to ensure our customers are satisfied with our all-round service.

“And we never underestimate that we’re a people business – and the role that colleague training and development plays in nurturing customer loyalty, ensuring people want to deal with us time and time again! While this ‘behind the scenes’ activity may not be something all customers are aware of, the hard work and investment into all areas of colleague wellbeing, knowledge building, motivational support and coaching all has a huge part to play in how our teams service customers.

“So in short, how we’re delivering a great service our customers can rely on  can be wrapped up into four consistent areas:
  • Customers getting the right, high quality products safely, where and when they need them 
  • By working in close partnership with our industry-leading supplier 
  •  Supported by our national-network of friendly, professional knowledgeable and trusted colleagues
  • That overall we provide the most effective solution that our customer’s need by listening to their feedback and acting on this.  
“I will be dedicating all my efforts into building a dynamic company that is leading in every respect, from the services we provide to the culture we live by. We are fully committed to becoming game changers in the industry and an industry leading employer. This will be felt through every touch point in our business – from the products we supply to the talent we recruit.
“Today we have a thriving business but what we’re also striving towards is that we continue to lead the sector in customer relationships and become more than a good supplier in terms of our civils specialisms. Put simply - we want to be the best.
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