Can’t get hold of drainage? There’s another option if plastic sewer drainage shortages and extended lead times are holding you up.

Wavin HEPWORTH CLAY pipes, couplings, bends and branches are your instant solution.

Available now: The Hepworth Clay Range: SuperSleve 100-300mm clay pipes, fittings and gullies
  • 100mm X 1.6m (711543)
  • 150mm X 1.75m (712058)
  • 225mm X 1.75m (505653)
  • 300mm X 2m (552795)
With core stock in branches across the Keyline network we can get you the sewer drainage you need for your groundworks today.
Hepworth Clay Drainage System is the ideal choice for below ground drainage due to the superior strength and sustainability of its vitrified clay pipes. The 100% natural and recyclable pipes are tested and approved to BS EN 295 to ensure quality, and when correctly installed have a lifetime expectancy of at least 100 years.

The strength of clay drainage enables recycled aggregate to be used as a bedding material, which reduces costs and environmental impact during construction. It’s resistant to many chemicals and strong enough to accommodate non-uniform sub-soils on brownfield sites. Clay pipes’ resistance to high water pressure jetting means more blockages can be cleared first time. SuperSleve pipe has a Lifetime Jetting Guarantee (7,500 psi at a flow rate not exceeding 20 gals/min held static for 5 minutes). 

Hepworth Clay is the only calcinated roller kiln pipe in the world which produces a straighter pipe than traditional clay. In addition, short length pipes reduce cutting and construction time on site and help to ensure the integrity of the seal is never compromised. 

Hepworth Clay - your choice for fit and forget performance

Get up to speed with the Wavin Hepworth Clay SuperSleve Range

A practical option:

  • Local, secure supply chain as it’s made in the UK
  • 0.3, 0.6, 1.0m plain-ended and socketed short lengths to minimise cutting on site
  • Compatible with existing drainage systems and suitable for mixed sites
  • Option to bed with recycled aggregate to save time and costs
  • Will not be displaced when backfilling, requiring less bedding than plastic piping

A proven drainage solution:

  • Intrinsic structural strength with life expectancy of over 100 years
  • Advanced jointing technology to cope with subsidence or ground movement
  • Tolerates higher jetting pressures, clearing more blockages first time
  • 100% recyclability, 100% natural future-proof material
  • Accepted by all UK Water Authorities*
  • Excellent chemical resistance for brownfield sites
With the ongoing product shortages across the industry, and those particularly affecting plastic drainage, Hepworth clay drainage is a suitable and more readily available alternative. Our
nationwide-network of branches holds stock of the UK’s largest volume of Wavin’s Hepworth clay drainage and is immediately available.

Contact your local branch today for further information! 
*except Scottish Water and Welsh Water
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