Life has changed rapidly due to the impact of Covid-19. For Jeremy Scott, or Jez as he’s affectionately known by with friends and colleagues, things have dramatically changed on the work front. A HGV driver for Keyline Civils Specialist in Poole, South West England, where delivering specialist civils supplies to customers was the norm, Jez is now on the frontline for the Royal Air Force (RAF), helping UK efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19. 
Jez is qualified to drive an impressive array of vehicles – from trucks to articulated lorries in his role at Keyline; through to coaches, Battlefield Ambulances (BFAs) and Trauma Management Vehicles (TMVs) with the RAF. Serving with the RAF for five years and previously involved with the Royal Navy as a Submariner, Jez has a distinct military background – his father also served in the forces too. This is Jez’s natural calling. 
There are two operations currently underway that Jez is involved in. The first addresses the spread of Covid-19 in British Overseas Territories, whilst the second tackles the pandemic here in the UK. Jez has taken coaches of personnel to self-isolation locations ahead of deployment and delivered countless supplies to RAF Brize Norton in order to be transported to Overseas Territories. Jez is keen to point out that this all occurs whilst the military continues to support ongoing operations overseas and within the UK.    
Jez also plays a role at RAF Odiham, which is part of Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) where aircraft and crew are on 24/7 standby, providing medevac support and routine Covid-19-related tasks. Jez assists the Chinook helicopters and its crew with Mechanical Transport (MT) support - one day he is transferring aircraft blades from one base to another, the next he is supporting aircraft crew in the event of a mechanical fault. Future possibilities include the need to drive ambulances or deliver goods to supply markets, and he’s ready should he be required. 
For Jez, being on the frontline could be seen as a concern – and in his own words “I’d be wrong to say it wasn’t so”. However, his military grounding and the fact he has other members of his family (his sister, niece and wife) also on the frontline, he sees it as his job – but more crucially his duty – to 
assist at a time when his country needs him the most. 
On a personal note, Jez cites being away from his family as the hardest part of the job with the RAF. Journeys home are now considered non-essential travel so he’s unable to help his wife, also a key worker, with their children whilst he’s away. Jez is keen to point out that there are thousands in the same situation, saying “We do this because it’s the right thing to do. We all want to go home to our families as quickly as possible. So please help the cause and stay at home.”
The work of Jez, and thousands of key workers like him, are helping the UK tackle an invisible yet deadly threat. His colleagues at Keyline applaud the work he is doing. The nation is willing every individual working in the frontline. 
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