The last year has been hard for the construction industry. While many industries closed down, construction carried on throughout large parts of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this has taken its toll.

Keyline has recently commissioned research into the mental health of those working across the construction industry, and the findings are stark.
  • 53% of construction workers have struggled with their mental health….but 44% of those have not spoken to anyone about their struggles
  • 71% of construction workers would want colleagues to talk to them if they were struggling …but 68% think colleagues are less likely to do so compared to those working in other sectors
  • Only 57% of construction workers feel they could support a colleague struggling with their mental health
While it can be tough to talk, it’s OK to ask. 

No-one should continue to suffer in silence. As an industry, we can remove the fear factor around mental health by opening up the conversation.

If you think a colleague is struggling with their mental health, the easiest way to offer support is to start the conversation.
Keyline has partnered with the Construction Industry Helpline, which provides 24/7 confidential metal, physical and financial health support for all UK construction workers and their families. 

We’d encourage anyone struggling with their mental health to call
0345 605 1956  or visit:

We need to look out for each other. We’re in this together.
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