Keyline Civils Specialist has introduced a new delivery service, to streamline the process and improve reliability. As part of this improved service, customers will now be provided with a delivery time slot, so they can accurately plan deliveries into the working day and improve on-site efficiency and safety.
Keyline’s new service is designed to improve its delivery offering in line with customers’ needs. On the day of delivery, the new system provides customers with a two-hour delivery window, as well as access to live tracking. They will also be told what products are being delivered and will receive an update when the delivery is 20 minutes away - meaning site agents are well informed and able to plan ahead. To streamline the process further, Keyline will also provide an electronic proof of delivery, to help reduce the administrative burden.
Dean Pinner, Managing Director at Keyline said: “The implementation of our improved delivery service is a great step forward. We have had a complete overhaul in terms of our approach, and the changes to our process mean customers can trust us to efficiently and safely deliver the right products when we say we will. In addition, we are helping to eliminate hassle for customers by keeping them informed through better communication and updates.

“It is so important for customers to receive reliable communications from us, and we are confident that our updated, automated service will work hand in hand with the proactive work of our colleagues in branch to improve customer experience.”

With improved customer service at the heart of this change, and new technology and industry-leading transport planning system in place, Keyline is able to improve its internal processes to ensure that orders are picked accurately and quickly. Keyline’s drivers are also equipped with new devices that can be used to identify the most efficient routes. This ensures that orders are delivered to customers in good time. 
The new driver devices also provide live traffic updates and alerts to hazards such as low bridges, so drivers can easily avoid problem routes and keep deliveries on track. If any issues do arise on route, the devices can be used to safely phone the customer and keep them informed. Drivers are also notified of any on-site hazards or restrictions, making the delivery process much safer for both the driver and the customer, while improving the offloading time.
As well as the new delivery service, Keyline’s customers also benefit from the same quality service that led to the company being awarded the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme’s (FORS) Gold accreditation.

Keyline is also continuing its Driver Bonus scheme that aims to reduce the environmental impact of the fleet through improved driver performance. All vehicles in the Keyline fleet are installed with a driver monitoring system that scores drivers based on five key areas: idling, accelerating, braking, speed and cornering. The scheme means that Keyline’s vehicles are driven in a better, safer and more controlled manner. 

The improved delivery service is part of Keyline’s commitment to deliver the best possible customer service and ensure that customers can trust Keyline to safely deliver the correct products quickly and to schedule. To find out more about Keyline Civils Specialist and its delivery service, please visit:
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