Vicki explains why putting on your own oxygen mask to help others is important and how Keyline is encouraging more self-care activities across the business .

Given the past year in particular, wellbeing couldn’t be more important than it is now. And as part of Keyline’s continued commitment to focus on wellbeing in the workplace, we’re encouraging all colleagues to think proactively about their own wellbeing  and how to put themselves in the best position to enable them to help others.
As a simple way to get our message across, we tend to use the oxygen mask analogy.  
Putting your oxygen mask on means taking care of yourself. When you fly on a plane the flight attendant instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others because if you run out of oxygen yourself you can’t help anyone else with their oxygen mask.

However for many people it is not their primary instinct and their  natural inclination is to protect others first. But it can take its toll..

Therefore, it’s important that we remind colleagues to proactively look after themselves, to consciously think about and take steps to engender wellness.
We want to communicate how important it is to  look after your own wellbeing. If you are constantly stressed, burned out or sleep deprived, - then how can you be in the best position to support others?
And we’re reminding people to actually make time for self-care in their busy lives. It can be surprisingly easy to ‘forget’ to do some simple things to aid mental and physical health.
Everyone will have their own ways to re-energise. Here’s some ideas people can do to help unwind:

  • Take some time in solitude – to think, read or write 
  • Exercise
  • Eat healthily
  • Meditate
  • Disconnect from tech
  • Connect with nature
  • Even sleep! If napping is your ‘down time’ then don’t feel guilty – take your time out for you.
We look at self-care across five elements:
  1. Mental wellbeing  
  2. Physical wellbeing
  3. Financial wellbeing
  4. Good communication and being listened to
  5. Career wellbeing
We are putting together tools and helpful resources for all Keyline colleagues to access, because we know that colleagues’ wellbeing must be embedded in our culture. Just as we have guidelines and safety measures for the practical side of our business, we equally know that our role is to look beyond the practical and consider the whole aspect of worklife.
And we’re listening. Because ensuring two way communication will ensure colleagues are heard and this will help us to do the right thing in how we offer support.   
Overall it’s about doing what you need to do so that you can show up each day ready to ‘be’. You cannot support or lead others if you aren't taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.
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