Over the last few weeks we’ve been communicating to our valued colleagues how we are setting ourselves up for success with key areas of focus in 2022 and beyond through the delivery of our five year direction. 

We’re continuing our work towards being the leading civils partner to the construction industry, and growing our people to grow our business continues to underpin our strategy. 

Here Dean Pinner shares highlights from our strategic direction and our core ambitions to work with our colleagues and customers to FOCUS, CONNECT and GROW together. 


Reflecting on the successes and challenges of 2021 has given me much food for thought over the past few weeks. We've had an absolutely outstanding year as a business and undoubtedly a year that will be looked upon with real pride here at Keyline. I'm immensely proud of our team and what collectively we've managed to achieve during 2021. Focusing on our customer service, the value of our offering and investing in our resources has stood us in good stead - and we will continue that focus into 2022.

This year our business effectiveness and improved performance has enabled us to secure investment in our plans for growth. We’ve invested in our branches to make; sure they have the right levels of resources they need in place to help them to achieve success, and make them better places for our colleagues with a lot of yard improvements in 2021, and improved welfare areas ; safety remains a top priority in all changes and decisions being made, not only for colleagues but anyone visiting our sites. I’m also incredibly proud of how we’re looking after each other and the wellbeing of our colleagues, we’ve also been moving the dial on inclusion and building on the diversity of thought in all areas of our business.

In addition to our colleagues' successes, one of the key reasons why we’ve had such a great year is our national footprint. We’ve restructured our sales offices to National andRegionalhubs. This clearly defined and simplified structure was developed to improve our service to our customers.
Other things we have done, which you will see come into real fruition in 2022,  have been to create a new Technical Department with George Woollard as Technical Director, a Project Tracking team and we will be introducing a new Head of Projects in early 2022. We have also expanded our National Sales team,with new National Account Managers dedicated to specific industry sectors. 

We will continue to focus on the same efforts moving forward and have a clear strategic direction for the business and clear priorities in 2022. We have set ambitious goals, plans for growth and priorities to get us started and we are also investing in our national team and within the regions to give us more capacity and ability to grow the business and deliver upon our strategy. We’re a national, regional and local business and we need to focus and connect to grow our business.

There are four things we are set up to achieve in 2022 and beyond:
  • Simplify - remove invisible barriers and silos and win faster together through quicker decision-making by being closer to our customers and colleagues
  • Build for growth – augment our capacity and capability to grow our people, and our business
  • Empower winning teams – embed our culture of trust to do the right thing and make decisions at the point where we have the most information and insight.
  • Better for our Customers and Colleagues - the only way we are going to win!

Similarly, over a five year horizon, we have identified additional strategies to enable us to reach our goals; utilising our strengths, addressing the challenges, meeting our responsibilities and exploring the opportunities. To do this well, we will work with our customers to create a model that best delivers their needs, test it, learn from it and build a robust capability along the way. 


We are building new roles into the national team that will support the whole business over time.  We will align ourselves to support our national, regional and local customers. We are well on the way with the national teams and we are investing in the regions to better align to our regional and local customers.


We will continue to push forward at pace on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) journey in 2022, leveraging the expertise in the group with a focus on building our understanding and awareness and helping our customers on their journey. Our customers have told us that they expect and need us to lead on this. 


The heartbeat of any organisation is its people. We have great people who help grow our business. It's our responsibility and mission to empower our team and provide them with all of the knowledge and tools to make the right decisions. We have people that share new ideas, best practices, connect with other colleagues who think differently, and challenge the norm. 

We have a fantastic opportunity to make our ambitions happen in the next five years. Across the business from our regional sales teams, our branch colleagues, our drivers, warehouse colleagues, credit services, marketing, commercial and every department we've had a really good year and I'm really encouraged by how exciting next year looks and beyond. 

So there we have it. That’s just a snapshot of some of our goals for the long term. We need to continue to be recognised as the leading civils partner to the construction industry and our current position of market leader makes this, not only a realistic ambition, but our responsibility if we are going to have a positive impact on our customers, colleagues and suppliers in the long term.

Bring on 2022! 
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