Keyline Civils Specialist, as part of Travis Perkins PLC, is at the forefront of supporting meaningful change across the industry, and a key area we’re focusing on is how we lead on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ECG) agenda.

As a group we have defined six leading commitments -

  • Sustainable Products and Services
  • Net-zero Carbon
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • Safety and Wellbeing
  • People Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
Taking a deeper dive into the environmental aspects of our sustainable business framework, here are some of the things we’re doing regarding our sustainable products and services.

“Keyline is committed to introducing value-add services and increasing customer knowledge of sustainable products.” 
As a leading supplier of specialist civils and drainage products and solutions within our key sectors of housebuilding, rail, road,commercial and retail, industrial and utilities, we support our customers with information, products and services to meet the ever-changing building regulations, national commitments and construction methods.
To meet our ambitions, we’re working with customers to better understand their sustainability needs. A new strategic workstream was established in 2020 to assess the ESG needs of customers and develop value-add services across our Group. This sees us finding new opportunities for improvement or expansion of existing services or the introduction of new services.

A key focus area has been supporting customers to engage with government plans for Zero Carbon homes.


“By 2025 we’ll eliminate avoidable single use plastic packaging”
As part of our initiative, we’re committed to eliminate avoidable single-use packaging by 2025 and are working with suppliers to meet the new plastic tax requirements and reduction of packaging.  We are holding awareness forums with our suppliers and are asking them to develop and share packaging reduction plans with us.
“We are committed to sourcing quality products from approved suppliers with transparent supply chains.”
Keyline expects suppliers to share our values and commit to making positive choices, and asks suppliers for more use of non-virgin materials in both products and packaging to ensure that the material requirements for construction products are reduced and plastic is used more responsibly as part of their supplier commitments.

Our Supplier Commitments  encourage the adoption of responsible behaviour throughout the supply chain.

The environment related ‘supplier commitments’ include:
  • Only supply ​timber products from legal and sustainable sources that don’t cause deforestation or degradation.
  • Comply with all applicable ​environmental legislation in all areas of your operations and supply chain.
  • Manage the ​extraction of any natural materials with care and consideration for local communities and the environment.
  • Minimise the use of ​water and energy​ ​throughout your operations and support the Global drive to net zero carbon.
  • Reduce costs by manufacturing your products using the lowest achievable amount of natural resources and by selecting packaging that has a minimal impact on the environment.
  • Reduce ​waste ​by working towards making your products and packaging as recyclable as possible, and simple for our customers to recycle.
 A standout example of this is Keyline’s partnership with Polypipe Civils and Green Urbanisation. As the UK’s largest civils merchant, Keyline supplies a large percentage of the UK’s water management solutions, it was crucial that our key supplier in this area, Polypipe, could support our supplier commitments. Creating sustainable legacies is a fundamental part of their approach in supplying water management, cable management and green asset solutions.
Ways of working to ensure we achieved our supplier commitments included: 
  • Rationalisation of supply chain 
  • Inclusion in core range stocked in every branch 
  • Competitive pricing structure 
  • Product range selection to meet specification demand 
  • Joint tenders for large road schemes and civils projects 
  • Providing valued engineering solution to clients
  • Health and safety partnership - sharing best practice and quarterly reviews 
  • Colleague training is regularly undertaken at Horncastle to see how products are recycled, learn more about the reuse of single-use plastics and how Polypipe turns them into sustainable polymer products. 
In choosing Polypipe as a key supplier: 
  • 82.45% of Polypipe’s product supplied to Keyline was produced from recycled material (9,293 tonnes out of 11,271 tonnes)
  • Recycled HDPE PPP accounted for 5,938.37 (52%) tonnes, with recycling others accounting for 3,3543.63 (30%) of total products supplied
  • This resulted in Polypipe recycling 131,962,504 HDPE bottles in 2019 (based on an average weight of a 4pt milk bottle).

In addition, new attenuation products, Polystorm, were recently introduced into Keyline’s core range due to its positive environmental credentials - the product previously used 100% prime material and is now manufactured using over 90% recycled materials.  It is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life. 
“We’ve set a target to be carbon zero by 2035” 

Our Group operates a large vehicle fleet and property estate.
We’ve pledged to be net zero carbon by 2035 (for Carbon scopes 1&2) with 80% reduction and 20% offset
We will set our Scope 3 carbon target during 2021.  We recognise that the biggest opportunity is in supporting our suppliers and customers to reduce their carbon.

“As part of Travis Perkins Plc, we at Keyline Civils Specialist take our environmental responsibilities seriously, not only claiming to share the values of our customers - but holding ourselves accountable as proof.”
Our own Environmental Management System (EMS) is certified  to the ISO 14001 standard. We have environment training in place for our colleagues to complete called ‘Green Thinking’. It’s hosted on our online ‘iLearn’ platform which enables all our colleagues across the UK to access the training.
Other online training modules are ‘Environment Essentials’, which provides users with an overview of environmental management and how to comply with the legislation applicable to our business, and ‘Emergency Preparedness’, which informs colleagues how to manage an emergency situation to ensure the environment is not negatively impacted.
In addition, we have set up a Google Environment Community which enables colleagues to express views, ask questions and share best practice. The majority of our environmental awareness activity takes place on our internal Environmental Essentials Google Site. It is the hub of all environmental management material from procedures to support documentation.
It’s vital we all do our utmost to create a greener, sustainable future. Positive moves are being made – and through continued communication with customers we can identify more ways to make change and do the right thing.
You can read more on The Utility Sector: Sustainability at Its Core here.
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