Safety and customer service are at the heart of everything we do. Our customers rely on us to deliver large civils products safely and on time and we are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure we meet both expectations and standards. That’s why we are delighted that for the tenth consecutive year, we have maintained the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme’s (FORS) Gold accreditation – the highest standard achievable - across our nationwide fleet of over 200 vehicles. 

FORS recognises exemplary levels of compliance in safety, efficiency, and environmental improvement within fleet operations. To maintain the Gold accreditation, as Keyline, we have had to demonstrate exemplary levels of best practice and an ongoing commitment to operational excellence to meet all of the requirements of the Bronze, Silver and Gold standards.

To help our partners understand what this means and how this can benefit the supply chain, we have outlined below some of the key criteria that we have met at each stage of the accreditation process: 


This recognises that companies apply operational excellence across four categories:


Companies must demonstrate that their management processes adhere to the latest legislations and industry best practice. For instance, all of our drivers undergo a thorough induction and are aware of the policies that they need to uphold to keep themselves, colleagues and customers safe. The policies are also outlined in the Keyline Commercial Drivers Handbook that every driver receives upon their appointment. 


This section assesses vehicle safety and covers criteria such as regular vehicle checks, servicing, load security and vehicle insurance and tax, and the systems that we have in place to manage these. Our colleagues inspect each vehicle daily, pre-use and before any delivery leaves the branch. This is done by an electronic vehicle roadworthiness check which allows our transport management teams to quickly and effectively ensure that our vehicles consistently operate both legally and to the highest of standards.  


It is vital that every driver delivers products safely, which is why Keyline completes driver licence checks regularly and six-monthly eyesight tests via EyeLab, which records the results to provide a fully auditable record. This section also ensures adherence to regulations regarding working time and breaks. 


This includes making sure that the most efficient, safest delivery route is chosen every time. Our team always review routes for potential hazards such as low bridges and consider the site location and logistics to minimise risk to other road users and those near and on site. 

To aid safety further, we recently implemented an improved delivery service that provides customers with a two-hour delivery window, as well as access to live tracking and information about what products are due to arrive on site. This allows site agents to plan ahead and ensure site staff are ready to receive the goods. 

Once a company has passed the Bronze accreditation, it allows passage through to becoming accredited to the FORS Silver standard following assessment by FORS. This demonstrates that the company has gone the extra mile and has improved operational performance year on year. It also shows that the company has invested in additional safety features for its vehicles and in driver training to address Work Related Road Risk (WRRR).

Addressing environmental impacts is an area of excellence for Keyline thanks to our Driver Bonus scheme that helps to reduce the environmental impact of the fleet through improved driver performance. Our vehicles are installed with an electronic, telematic vehicle monitoring system and on every journey, the device monitors, scores and rewards the driver’s performance against six key metrics:
  • Idling
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh breaking
  • Speeding
  • Harsh cornering
  • Greenband driving

To achieve Silver accreditation, companies must also demonstrate a commitment to professional development. For example, our drivers are required to complete training in WRRR and fuel, emissions and air quality. This is delivered by both classroom and eLearning methods. As part of WRRR, our drivers complete the Safe Urban Driving training, which includes a trading places practical element where our drivers go to the road on bicycles to experience the perspective of the road and it’s risks from a cyclist’s point of view.

Finally, the FORS Gold accreditation requires companies to evidence operational improvements with particular focus on the environment. This is an area that Keyline strives to enhance with the adoption of new vehicles and fuel types, as well as vehicle features that provide enhanced direct vision to the driver to reduce road risk. The Driver Bonus scheme also assists with this by encouraging drivers to adopt safer and more fuel efficient driving behaviours which in turn reduces the environmental impact of our fleet operation.      
Keyline has robust systems and policies in place to deliver best in class vehicle safety, driving and operational standards. Achieving the FORS Gold accreditation is testament to our dedication to reducing our environmental impact as a fleet operator and maintaining the safety of our colleagues, customers and other road users. What’s more, the requirements of FORS Gold align to those of the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) Standard, which looks to ensure collaboration between the construction and fleet sectors to maximise safety at every stage of a project. 

To find out more about our delivery processes, click here: https://www.keyline.co.uk/Delivery

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